GivingTuesday 990
Tool & Asset Repository


Schema To Field Mapper

The Schema to Field Mapper will take any XML schema and create a CSV of all possible XPaths in the schema.

Form 990 XML Parser

The Parser will process all Fields and parse the e-filed XML files, which can then be turned into CSV/JSON

Meta Data Tables (Forthcoming!)

These tables will allow users to view a summary of data assets available per charity, in a standard data mode.


Issue Tracker

This asset was created by the Non-Profit Open Data Collective to catalog issues and share insights.

Data Dictionary

This asset provides documentation on 990 fields that correspond to sections on the forms and schedules.

Indices Dictionary

This asset provides descriptions of the raw 990 Data Lake indices located in the “990 Datasets” section.

The following tools were created to assist the sector in accessing and using 990 data. Don’t see the tool that you need? Please use the link below to request additional tools!