Access Raw 990 Data via AWS Account

The following steps outline how to access the 990 Data Lake using an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. This will lead you directly into the AWS S3 bucket where you can access raw 990 e-filed data and indices to navigate to the desired 990 XMLs.

Important Note!

This option requires the user to open a free AWS account, to do so, you will need to enter your billing information per AWS validation protocol. You can find out more at We recommend using this option due to its ease of use and ability to see all folders prior to downloading.

Step by step guide to accessing data via AWS account:

2. Click “Create Amazon Web Services (AWS) account”

3. Enter the required details and follow all the prompts – please note that AWS will request your CC information for validation purposes

4. After creating your AWS account, log in to your account, this will take you to the AWS console Landing Page

5. While logged into your AWS account, open the following link in a new tab: